Recommended Reading

Those who are approaching law for the first time and who want a colourful and expert introduction to the law, are encouraged to read ‘HOW THE LAW WORKS – a friendly guide to the legal system’ by Dr Gary Slapper, published by Harper Collins (ISBN-10:0-00-722107-X). Price: £8.99. Request the latest edition.

Heading to law school? Martin Partington, an Oxford Academic, gives some valuable advice on how to get ahead, what you can expect, and how best to prepare:



For initial information, please refer to the following web pages:

Chartered Legal Executive:



Government Legal Service:

Crown Prosecution Service:

Court Legal Adviser:

Lawyer in Local Government:

Commerce & Industry Group for lawyers:

Barristers in Commerce, Finance & Industry:

 Law courses information:

Employment vacancies – legal recruitment:

Freelancing or starting a new business:


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