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“Over 325,000 businesses or 44% of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the south east of England are based at home rather than in an office or other workplace….and 53% of home-based businesses are single person SMEs and 84% of sole traders are home-based.”

Source: South East Business Magazine – November 2009.

266,000: The approximate number of firms to be established in the UK in any one year

Source: FSB Report “Back to Work” (2012).

SMEs make up over 99% of all UK businesses; About 54% of all workers are employed in SMEs.

Source: Eurostat.

59% of people working in the private sector are employed by UK SMEs

Source: FSB Report “Back to work” (2012).

40% of young people would like to start their own business.

Source: Eurobarometer

88% of the unemployed who enter the private sector workforce go on to start their own business or work in an SME

Source: FSB Report “Back to Work” (2012).

Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) research has shown that 70% of small businesses that receive mentoring survive for five years or more which is double the rate of non-mentored entrepreneurs.

Source: FSB (2012).


Richard Eaton provides inexpensive, informal and easily accessible one-to-one mentoring for small businesses.

Business mentoring could include discussion about the following:

Setting up a new Business: things to think about, what to do and where to go for professional advice;
An opportunity to discuss a new business idea informally and in confidence;
The importance of legal, financial and accountancy professional advice: where to find it and issues to consider;
Training opportunities and requirements: how and where to acquire knowledge and skills in support of business strategies;
Paperwork: what may be required and who can advise;
Marketing initiatives: options available to promote a business;
Protecting Intellectual property rights (copyright, patents, trademarks & registered designs): where to get advice;
Disputes with others: methods of trying to resolve them;
Local and national business support services: their benefits and where to find them;
Business Regulations: awareness and compliance issues explored;
Creating a network of customers or a client list: ideas and information;
Trade Associations and Professional Memberships: what help may be available;
Reviewing proposals relating to: selecting a business structure, choosing a business name, exporting to overseas markets, sources of finance, pricing strategies, virtual assistants and business venue, data protection & cyber security, employing staff & apprentices, outsourcing, business insurance & succession planning, franchising, managing time & communicating with a customer or client, writing a business plan and cash flow forecast, maintaining a healthy work-life balance.


Richard Eaton is a business mentor  (Training & Accreditation: SFEDI Awards in conjunction with the Institute of Enterprise & Entrepreneurs of which he is a Full Member – MIoEE). He is a registered mentor with the Passport to Success and Momentum schemes managed by the University of Brighton and a mentor to students of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives. Richard provides mentoring services through his Company: Touchworks Ltd.